This happens to be my personal blog for all my rantings, as a confused millennial.

I’m originally from a notoriously infamous country, Pakistan, currently working in Seoul these days, working in the development sector and also writing a science fiction novella (which I hope to take to the big screen, so Hollywood, or Anywood, HMU).

Besides my day job, I’m picking up on Japanese (which I studied), trying to expand Galati Travels (a free, casual tour company) and also learning new things every day! Please check the Galati Travels site out and let me know how I can improve on it further!

As a volunteer service, I mentor women in engineering and science, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds and also have given a number of talks and presentations in universities. I am also a Global Shaper, in Seoul and help in organizing impactful events.

If you would like to ask me to talk in your university, let me know!