Flash Fiction

Aunty Soiree

I sat in Grandma’s old couch reading a book in mom’s room. The maid was vacuuming upstairs preparing for the guests. Before I made it to the end of the chapter, the cook came running into the room. He accused the maid for stealing his phone. Upstairs the vacuum stopped and I heard the silence.… Continue reading Aunty Soiree

Flash Fiction

The Interrogation

Printed in http://www.fridayflashfiction.com/longer-stories/the-inquisition-by-laila-kasuri#comments "Why did Haji do it?" The officer stared at her unblinkingly. Amna tapped her fingers looking at the police officer indignantly. "Like I said," she said to the officer, "He did it to save us. He didn’t have a choice." The officer narrowed his eyes. Then, he put on gloves, reached out… Continue reading The Interrogation