The Mirror of Deceit

Can also read it on: https://new.allpoetry.com/poem/13253366-The-Mirror-of-Deceit-by-Lailakasuri I saw a lovely dress, made of linen and silk, Decked with tiny pearls, of the color of milk. I saw a pair of chic shoes, made of lithe leather, And a hat on my head, with, sticking out of it, a feather. Oh, yes! Those lovely sleeves! With… Continue reading The Mirror of Deceit


The Cedar Tree

The cedar tree is the national tree of Pakistan. The poem represents the challenges of a country that's been torn apart by radicalism, corruption and apathy. Published here: https://new.allpoetry.com/poem/13253100-The-Cedar-Tree-by-Lailakasuri THE CEDAR TREE The cedar tree is wasting away, Shrinking and dying, day after day. Its leaves, once vibrant and alive Are now desiccated, no longer… Continue reading The Cedar Tree